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Five benefits of having family time

A family is the biggest support an individual has because it´s based on values such as unconditional love. We understand this from the moment we are born to the point when we have to leave our parent´s home to start a new life. When we´re part of family we´re surrounded by people that offer their love and understanding every day, that´s the reason why it´s important to be with them. It may seem like an obvious statement but some people still don´t grasp the importance of family time and some don´t even understand this concept. Family time is a portion of valuable hours a day we spend with our loved ones. Participating in this important experience is beneficial for the person practicing it. But, why is it so hard to put it in practice despite its profits?

Getting away from the obligations of our day-to-day life, such as working, can be extremely hard. Our employments demand a great deal of attention and care. On an average workers spend 35% of their waking hours, over a 50 years working life, occupied with their job; approximately 1/3 of their lives, and this is a great deal of time. When we deliver ourselves to our positions there´s probably nothing more important than that, so we tend to forget our family and how much it means to us. Excess of work can result detrimental for our personal relationships. Sometimes the lack of a bond can be a consequence of having a bad connection with a family member. No all of us can say we have a strong relationship with people we should be close with, and this can result in an absence of family time. Some of the reasons might be complicated to even explain. Having this in consideration it´s important to admit that reconnecting is tough but not impossible.

Spending time with our love ones has great benefits.

  1. Strengthens the bonds with our loved ones: There´s always a member of our family group whom we don´t know very well, because we barely talk or spend time with that person. It can be a cousin, nephew or even grandparent. Having few hours a day with the people we care about the most helps strengthens the relationship we share with them. We get to know more about their hobbies, abilities, professions, romantic lives and even pets. Being able to share this type of information creates a meaningful connection.
  2. Lifts up our self-esteem: Who gave you the best advice you ever received? The first person that comes into my mind when I ask myself that questions is: my mom. She´s the wisest human being I´ve ever known. With her advices, she has helped me to develop a better image about myself. I bet the same thing happens to you. You probably didn´t think that a better self-esteem could be a benefit of spending time with your family, but it is. They are the ones that know us the most, since these are the people that raised us; being with them can remind us about our strengths, especially when we´re a having a difficult time.
  3. Generates mutual learning: We never stop learning, not even when we finish school or college. Having a family to spend time with offers us enormous knowledge about different topics. We can learn information about the past of our loved ones or we can even comprehend the reasons behind their actions and decisions. Understanding our family in such a deep level gives us lessons about life itself. It´s very important to spend time with our family because it makes us develop and emphatic and understanding personality. Later we can bring these traits into practice when we´re working, socializing or spending time with our partner.
  4. Helps to develop new social skills: We start learning how to intermingle from a very young age. Our very first interactions are the ones we develop with our families when we´re kids. Our parents and uncles are our main source of awareness. We comprehend how does the world function thanks to the interactions we share with them; that´s the reason why kids need to spend massive amounts of time with their families. When this doesn´t happen they will seek other role models to follow. A parent that shares time with his children can be sure that the values he shares will be the same ones his kids will follow.
  5. Helps to relieve stress and tension: This point goes hand in hand with the second one we mention. Being in an environment that offers safety gives us the possibility of releasing the tension we might have accumulated from work or other interactions. A family is always a secure place to come when we feel the world is crumbling.

Family time can be spend in very different ways. Some families enjoy taking long travels every time they have vacations, other families enjoy doing a barbeque every Sunday and others just want to watch a movie together. If you want to spend time with your loved ones in a different way you can visit this site to create beautiful images made of text. It´s not only a fun and interesting way of having meaningful time together, this site offers you the possibility of printing and delivering your picture so you can put it in any place your family likes. Enjoy all of these benefits!